Recap of Legendary Traditional Event


Horst Injured on TD Run
Maltby Passes for One TD, Scores Another
Heimdahl Held to 2 Touchdowns
Other Teams Run Around, Do Some Stuff
Dimunation Jokes Around

This year's 2002 Turkey Bowl held no surprises as play (and media coverage) was dominated by arguably the best team on the field, the Over-or-close-to-50 Team, who, despite their domination, lost 2 games by one touchdown each, but tied the third (we think).

Highlights for the dominant team included:

Kevin Horst  pulled a hamstring on a TD run and is doubtful for Turkey Bowl 2003 and possibly the century.

Gordon "TMFG" Maltby passed for one TD and scored another.

The inimitable Hugh 'Freak' Heimdahl was held to 2 touchdowns.

The other teams ran around and did some things.

Referees John Dimunation and Joel Stedman amused and angered the players and fans with their "professional" behavior.  Dimunation stated the rules at the beginning, including the Richie Johnson Rule (If a player is lying on the ground for over 2 minutes, his body will be removed from the field).

Extra tickets for the game were unavailable, as fans found a standing-room-only situation. Scalpers were not to found, having apparently given up trying to locate fans who were willing to give up tickets, if they had them.