Hi Dad and Fitz . It's my page !

sentence breaks and paragraphs
arent i     great !

some other symbols: < ; " ; &anp ;

Now boys, lets get centered  
I'm centering after a little space

Now I'm going to do a link. Yop little ol me....
Go to Yahoo
And i can get mail here: Mail
Here's an image:

Now I'm going to do an Unordered list:
My unordered list of things:

now an orderlist:

  1. snow
  2. rocks
  3. balloons

and i can preformat so i don't have to SET breaks

         \|/                 (
       (@ @)              (   HI  DAD AND FITZ,
         ( )               (
          -  _____   (

Now i'm going to comment to myself and you won't be able to know what i'm saying like

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