Marine on St Croix
Full Contact Basketball 1997-98

Picture Retake: now includes Don Birmingham & Garrison K.
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Back: Gordy Maltby, Luke Froiland, Dan Froilland, Don "3-Dog" Gorel, Reed Pollack, Garrison K.
Front: Shteve Welter, Jeff Nelson, Don "Bad" Birmingham, Julius Erving, John "Ironman" Dimunation
Missing: Art Hage, Paul Berdusco, Chris Getchell, Joel Stedman, Kevin Horst, Whitey Anderson-Johnson, Michael Jordan

Summer players: Aaron Moffit, Darrin Rosenkrantz-Guilderstern, Bill, Matty, Montfort

People ask, "Why are they so good?"

Two Reasons:

First, even though there's a wide variance in their ages,
they played together on the
Same High School Team.


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The above photo by Gordy Maltby's camera