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"Once described by Garrison Keillor as closer to his mythical Lake Woebegone than any other Minnesota town, Marine on St. Croix is one of the most enchanting and captivating communities you'll ever encounter." from Scenic St. Croix Valley website of U of W River Falls

City of Marine Visit the new official website of the City of Marine.



Millstream Association Visit the new website of the Millstream Association.

Riverway Consensus Standard
Riverway Consensus Standard (RCS) "The real substance of conservation lies not in the physical projects of the government, but in the mental processes of citizens."Aldo Leopold
Jim Johnson, Marine on St Croix MN USA

Growing Communities for Peace. Growing Communities for Peace is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the tools for peace in the home, school and community.

1000 Friends of Minnesota
Vision: 1000 Friends of Minnesota envisions a sustainable landscape where finite natural resources are protected, cities are vital and livable, and all citizens have access to clean air, water and soil, as well as food, jobs and housing. This landscape is made up of compact, diverse, pedestrian-oriented cities and healthy, productive farms and forest. The cities do not sprawl into the countryside but are concentrated around existing infrastructure and offer transportation alternatives to the automobile. Planning and zoning is done on the local level and under the umbrella of a statewide policy framework with common goals that have been developed by the people of Minnesota.

COSA,i or Carbon Monoxide Survivors Association, international
The association's primary goal is to provide an ongoing, expanding support network to help all carbon monoxide survivors to have better lives.
COSA,i is dedicated to helping survivors to deal with the issues resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Hall Kelley, Inc. "is a nationally recognized communication design firm offering the combined expertise of the firm's design and communications principals. We draw on years of professional experience, personal creativity, enthusiasm and commitment to quality to offer clients the very best in design. The firm was established in 1984 in Minneapolis. The ultimate example of reuse, recycle - the firm renovated a barn in the St. Croix Valley in Minnesota and occupied the space in 1994." Visit this small, but entertaining, local site:

PC Training Source
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The Sporting Art of Bob White - Whitefish Studio & Small Fry Cards
Bob White is the artistic expression behind Whitefish Studio and Small Fry Cards. His sporting art, rendered in both watercolor and oil, is available as original paintings, commissioned works, limited edition prints and fly fishing notecards. These make wonderful ...
Backwater Rods Co. Best value on custom fishing rod kits for...
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A Special Site with a connection to the history of Marine on St. Croix:

*The Digital Art of Stuart Armstrong Stuart Armstrong came across our website and sent us the following email from Maryland along with an electonic copy of a 1935 map of Marine which we will soon put on the website.

"Attached is a jpeg of a map done in 1935 by my father and his sisters.
It was done during the depression and sold to the locals as a way to
make a little money. My father's family stayed in Marine on St. Croix
during the summer. Drawn at the top and bottom are town scenes such as
the Walker Judd and Veazie sawmill, the Lightner house (built 1898), St.
Croix hotel (1890) and scenes from the main street. Names of home
owners (the ones who bought maps I think) are added such as Olson,
Keuffner, O'Brien, Shaw, Wheelock, etc. are added. The map was done
with a crow quill pen, so the line weights are very fine, and even with
the size of the file I'm sending a good deal is lost. The writing
verges on the microscopic. The art was reproduced in black and white
and then hand colored. The drawing is probably extremely accurate and
is a unique document. I thought that you might be interested. I have a
larger file of it, and if anyone is interested, my father is still alive
and might have some comments on the map."

And from a 2nd email:

"Most of the names on the map are of summer people. My father does
remember the Dunns. He used to play on their lawn. I think that I will
write up my father's comments on the map and pass them on to you. That
in turn may suggest some questions that you would want to ask him. He
is amenable to questions.

"He did a few figures on the map, but my aunts did most of it. I will
speak with one of them as well."


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Salon Magazine

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Uffda: COMMUNITY: Cities
U. Minnesota Astronomy Public Talks
[U of MN Department of Astronomy] Public Talks on Astronomy Each year Astronomy Department faculty and staff make over 6
St. Croix Riverway
Chambers of Commerce Listing
Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway
Experience the beautiful St. Croix River Valley on a 20 mile interstate round trip between Osceola, Wisconsin &Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota or on a shorter 10 mile round trip between Dresser and Osceola, Wisconsin.
Dunrovin Christian Brothers Retreat Center (Marine-on-St. Croix, MN)
Home | Site Contents | The Brothers | The Institutions | Lasallian Interests & Resources | Lasallian Forum | Dunrovin Christian Brothers Retreat Center. 15525 St. Croix Trail North ...
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Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota The Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway crosses the river near Marine-on-St. Croix Once described by Garrison Keillor as closer to his mythical Lake Woebegone than any other ...

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