Marine on St. Croix
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for the future.

Envision Marine resulted in the
Picture Marine Project

November, 1998

Read the comments offered by 12 citizen-photographers regarding the pictures they took for the PICTURE MARINE project. The assignment was to photograph the aspects of Marine they value and want to see preserved into the new millennium and those things about Marine they would like to be changed, improved, or removed in the coming years. Comments are grouped by subject matter of the photographs.

Also read the
Inventory of Characteristics of
Marine on St Croix

A copy of the Inventory of Marine Report
produced by the consultant to the Planning Commission.


You soon will be able to get information on this website about the following:

Town Hall


General Store

The Brookside

First Security State Bank

PC Training Source

The Voyageur Cafe

John Dimunation, Accountant Extraordinaire

Tundra Films
Producers of Grandfather's Birthday

Maher Media

Chuck Arnason, Attorney

Jim Dimmers, Artist, Painter

Laurie Schmidt and Associates

Village Scoop
Find it now behind the General Store - Ice Cream!

Tiger Lily Coffee Shop

Wild River Distributing
41 Judd St PO 223
Marine on St Croix, MN
651 433 2217

Backwoods Rods

The new Marine Trading Post

J. Von Stern Clothing CLOSED - 651-433-5700

Bell Canoes CLOSED - 651-433-5700

Tom Warth Books

4th of July

Hugh Heimdahl of Averill-Heimdahl

Painting at top of page by artist Leslie Alexander

Full Contact Basketball

Witness Protection Program


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