Wednesday League - Late Scores


Johnny Dee Is BACK!

Injury has not, after all, Diminished the Dimensions of Dimunation's Game

Although reporters did not witness "Johnny D's" patented trademark warmup routine (the crossover over two-step, coast to coast), he was seen blurring by in the hall outside the gym, as of old. When he finally hit his patented trademark, the one-handed setshot, late in the game, the spectator(s) roared with delight, and thought of reviving their patented trademark nostalgic cheer "Johnny Dee - MVP! Johnny Dee - MVP!...."

Entrance test:
Spell "contentious"
Spell "elsewhere"

Heimdahl Injured Again
Four toenails blackened by Froilland stomp
Questionable for Winter Season
General Manager says: "Not for Sale!"
But Several Teams Inquire Nonetheless

Dark Jerseys 10, Light Jerseys 6

Dark 10, Light 6

Dark 10, Light 8

Light* 10, Dark 4

Light* 10, Dark 6

Light* 10, Dark 2

Sorry: No tickets available for next Wednesday's games

*Ineligible Scandia player

Full Contact Team