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Subject: Re: 1935 map... Possible November visit to Twin Cities
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 11:45:21 -0500
From: Stuart Armstrong <sarmstrong@Radix.Net>
To: hheimdah@marineonstcroix.com

Dear Hugh,

Just to let you know, my father and I will be out your way on Saturday,
November 20. We will be driving from St. Paul. If it is convenient we
would enjoy meeting you. I'm not sure what my father is most interested
in, but we will definitely spend the day around Marine and Otisville.
Where is a good place to meet?

Looking forward to our meeting and seeing where my father spent his
summers. I will send this note to Jim Johnson as well.

Best regards,

Stuart Armstrong


1935 map... Possible November visit to Twin Cities
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 22:19:56 -0400
Stuart Armstrong <sarmstrong@Radix.Net>
Hugh Heimdahl <hheimdah@marineonstcroix.com>

Dear Hugh,

I had written to you this past spring and sent a digitized map of your
town. Here is an update. First of all, I was mistaken about where my
father and his siblings stayed during the 1930's. It was Otisville, not
Marine on St. Croix. But I imagine that they spent a good deal of time
in both places or else the maps would not have been so detailed. I
recently saw the Otisville map for the first time and the map of Marine
on St. Croix is actually the nicer of the two.

My Aunt Jane (Armstrong), who had done a lot of the artwork on both
maps, died this past July 4. She was almost 89 years old. In her will
she requested that she be buried with her parents at Oakland Cemetary,
in St. Paul. And so there is a trip to Minnesota in my future, to make
the proper arrangements. My father will be coming as well. We would
like to visit both Otisville and Marine on St. Croix while we were in
the area. If it is not an imposition I would enjoy meeting you while in
town. We are sorting out dates now. Would you be around during
November? We would like to take care of business on a Friday, stay at a
hotel and travel around to places that my father knew as a boy during
the weekend.

Attached is a low res* version of the Otisville map, as well as a
picture of my Aunt Jane about the time that she was working on both
maps. I still have the watercolor frame that she is using in the

Regards from Maryland.

Stuart Armstrong

Re: 1935 map... Possible November visit to Twin Cities
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 08:48:43 +0000
Hugh Heimdahl <hheimdah@marineonstcroix.com>
marineonstcroix.com & Averill Heimdahl
Stuart Armstrong <sarmstrong@Radix.Net>

Stuart, Hallo.

This is great! My wife and I loved the map and the picture of your Aunt
Jane. We will share them with other people, like Jim and Laura Johnson,
who sent you an email about the Marine map.

I'd like to somehow put these images and the other map on my website at
marineonstcroix.com, but haven't figured how yet.

And we're very interested in meeting you and your father when you come.
In fact, we've started thinking of some other people who would like to
meet him too - such as people in the historical society here. Maybe
we can get a group together and do a walking tour or just sit and
hear your father's memories.

Unfortunately Montfort Dunn, 93 or so, left for Mexico for the winter,
last week, so that's one contemporary (maybe the only one) that is
not available.

When you finalize your plans, please let me know when you'll be here.


Hugh Heimdahl
651 433 4037

Re: More from Marine
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 12:08:47 -0500
"Jim Johnson" <jjohnson@rcs.org>
"Stuart Armstrong" <sarmstrong@radix.net>
"Hugh Heimdahl" <hheimdah@marineonstcroix.com>
1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Mr Armstrong --

I would be delighted to meet with you when you come. We shall be in Norway
from 6 November to 15 November.

Our phone number is 651.433.2001.

Please let me know when you will be coming to Marine.

Jim Johnson

Re: 1935 map... Possible November visit to Twin Cities
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 21:47:50 -0400
Stuart Armstrong <sarmstrong@Radix.Net>
Jim Johnson <jjohnson@rcs.org>
1 , 2

October 23, 1999

Dear Hugh,

Thanks for your response. I contacted Jim Johnson as well and am very
happy that everyone is has been positive. My father and I are looking
forward to our trip. We will probably be up around the weekend of
November 20th and will let you know more as our plans develop.

By the way, you mentioned that Montfort Dunn had left for Mexico. Is
his brother Jim around? My father remembers him. My father was born in
1916 by the way. Regarding a walking tour, I would be happy to go on
one, but my father tires very easily. But I am sure he will be
interested in how the town has changed since 1935.

I am running out of historic documents to send your way, but I do have
one more... a xerox of an old wood engraving of Marine on St. Croix,
with an impressive steamboat in the foreground. The original was done
around 1880. It was reprinted around 1930, and was the reference used
for the steamboat on the border of the 1935 map. You may have it
already. I scanned it a while back and will try to send it your
way. I can't take any credit for these items, since they were all
done or collected by the previous generation of Armstrongs. But I am
very happy to send them back your way as well as to have the opportunity
to visit their source.

Best regards,

Stuart Armstrong

Subject: Re: More from Marine
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 17:12:46 -0600
From: "Jim Johnson" <jjohnson@rcs.org>
To: "Stuart Armstrong" <sarmstrong@radix.net>

Hugh may have some good ideas. Either his house or mine or the Brookside or
Crabtrees might make some sense. Jim Johnson

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See MAP - Warning: Pictures Take Time!!

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